Site Stewardship is important because the professional staff of public agencies is unable to periodically and systematically visit recorded archaeological and/or historic sites that are under their jurisdictions and that are subject to impacts.  Limitations in agency staffing, funding, priorities, and physical access to remote areas are some of the reasons why Site Stewards can make a significant contribution to our collective cultural heritage.  Site Stewards can be the “eyes and ears” of professional staff and help preserve and protect cultural resources for future generations of scientists and the public.

  • To increase public awareness of the significance of cultural resources
  • To discourage site vandalism 
  • To support the enforcement of preservation laws and regulations.

It’s important to us to preserve major prehistoric, historic and paleontological resources for the purposes of conservation, scientific study and interpretation.

Verde Valley

Site Watch

Verde Valley Site Watch is a program of
the Verde Valley Archaeology Center
developed to support the Arizona Site
Stewards network of volunteers who monitor the Sedona/Verde Valley area..


Our Misson

Grants Received from the Arizona Community Foundations of Sedona and Yavapai County were used to support the development of the Verde Valley Site Watch program.

Report Vandalism:  928-421-1030 or

Site Stewardship Is Important

  • Public Awareness Campaigns
  • Site Steward Recruitment and Training
  • Vandalism Reporting System
  • Training Videos and Manuals
  • Satellite Monitoring Equipment for Archaeological Sites

Program Goals